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We will preventively meet our costumer to develop new ideas, keeping in consideration the european tendencies at the time, and together we will improve the new products and adapt them to costumer’s needs.
We will plan the products together with our creative designers, who gained experience in many Italian and European companies. Based on the item we will have to treat, we will choose a specialist designer and an architect, with great experience in the required field, who will collaborate with our team.
We will handle the fulfilment of the moulds from the beginning, thanks to an in-depth study of the item and thanks to the planning from a specialist staff. In the end, the mould will be tested in our companies, and a variety of tests will take place, if requested, to the injected products.
We will take care of the shipping of the mould. The warranty will be completely at our expense and, if the mould will get damaged, our Italian technicians will be ready to intervene in the place. We also offer the opportunity of a much faster and less expensive assistance by sending local specialists who will assist you under our supervision.

Best sellers moulds

Corks Brazil Mexico and Chile

Crates Mexico Chile Peru Gatemala and Honduras

House products Chile Peru and Mexico

Cutlery Mexico

New fruit-holder container mould

cassa home nuova

A new mould for a container for fruit harvest. Much lighter than any other container on the market and also faster cycles.

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